Getting Started

Learn how to configure and use Simply Static to get started.

6 articles

Prepare WordPress

A list of things you should do before converting your website with Simply Static.

5 articles


Learn how to use Simply Static to deploy a static site to a static hosting provider.

8 articles


Learn how to use forms and comments on your static WordPress website.

3 articles


Learn how to set up search with Fuse.js or Algolia on your static WordPress website.

2 articles


Learn how to optimize your WordPress website when using Simply Static.

4 articles


Short guides on how to troubleshoot issues when using Simply Static.

7 articles

License & Activation

All things related to licenses, activating the plugin, account, and domains.

8 articles


How to work with Simply Static in a multisite environment

1 article


Learn how to work with multilingual plugins like WPML and Simply Static.

2 articles


Code examples, Code snippets and more to extend Simply Static.

4 articles

Hooks & Filter

A list of filters, actions, and constants for Simply Static.

8 articles