Working with Multisite

Simply Static ships with a dedicated multisite integration to make working within a network as smooth as possible.

A general rule of thumb: Configure per subsite and run exports from the network level.

Configure your subsite

Simply Static is configured per subsite, we do not provide settings on the network level.

That's because the settings are unique per website (think of deployment, forms, and even search results), so it wouldn't make sense to configure these things on the network level.

The configuration is the same as with a single WordPress installation.

There is only a tiny difference: we implemented an import and export tool to copy settings between subsites to speed up the configuration.

To make subsites available in the import setting, configure the subsite first and save the settings.

Once done, the site will be available for import, and you can use it to speed up the configuration of the next subsite.

Run static exports

While you can run static exports from within the subsite (as with any WordPress installation), we recommend using the network-level integration to manage exports in a central place.

Go to your network settings and visit the Simply Static settings page:

As we talked about before, we do not provide settings on the network level.

You can select a subsite, quickly switch to its settings page, or check the export progress.

Once you have selected a subsite, you can run the export for that particular subsite by clicking on the Generate Static files button.


Running Simply Static within a multisite environment comes with certain limitations:

Concurrent Exports:

You can only run one export at the same time. We do not allow concurrent exports per subsite right now, as this tends to consume too many resources on your server and cause timeouts.

We also can't queue exports, so if you try to run more than one export, we run the first one and auto-cancel the others.

While there are ways this could be achieved, this isn't something we offer or can provide support for.

Configuration on the network level:

We understand that some of you would like to see configuration on the network level, and we even tried that in an earlier iteration of Simply Static.

However, it makes it much more complex to understand and tends to produce a lot of support that we can't provide, given our price point.