How to use the Debugging Mode

When you reach out to our support desk, we ask that you please provide the debug log from your latest export.

This tutorial shows you how to enable it and where to download the file.

Enable Debugging Mode

Navigate to your admin area and visit Simply Static->Settings->Misc->Debugging Mode and enable the toggle:

Click Save Settings to confirm and update the settings.

Run a new export

The debug log is updated while running a static export and cleared automatically after the process.

Because of that, we recommend that you run a new export after enabling the debugging mode to fill the log file with the information needed for us to help you.

Downloading the log file

Once you've finished the new export and refreshed the page, you will notice a new section called Debugging in the Activity log settings page.

Click on Download Log, and the download should start immediately.

Our debug log is a txt file that you can open with every tool on your computer that can open text files, you don't need to download a code editor.

We recommend uploading the log file via and sending us the link instead of the actual file.

Depending on the size of your website, this file can easily exceed the 2MB email upload limit.