How to optimize images

Simply Static can optimize your images on the fly while running a static export.

We use the ShortPixel API to perform the image optimization entirely in the background and create a backup (including a revert process) for your original image files.

How to set it up

Go to Simply Static -> Settings -> Optimize->Image Optimization and activate Optimize Images with ShortPixel.

Get an API key

As mentioned above, we are using the ShortPixel API to handle the image optimization for you, so you need to sign up for an account here.

Once you have signed up for a plan, go to Dashboard -> API Keys and copy your API key:

Finishing the configuration in Simply Static.

Add the ShortPixel API key, optionally activate the backup option if you want to keep the original images stored in wp-content/uploads/backup, and save the settings.

You will notice that a new button called Restore Original Images will appear once you activate Backup the original images.

This gives you an easy (and automated) way to revert the image optimization within your filesystem - we replace all the optimized images with the original ones when clicking that button.