Dynamic Replace iFrame Form Option


  • Simply Static Pro Version or above
  • This requires your WordPress website to be online all the time on a publicly accessible host

How to access this feature:

Navigate to Simply Static > Settings > Forms in the WordPress dashboard and scroll down to the "iFrame" section.


With the iFrame Form feature available in Simply Static Pro, instead of displaying static HTML generated from a page on your WordPress website, you can seamlessly integrate the dynamic content directly into your static site as an iFrame. This enables you to incorporate interactive features from your WordPress site directly onto your static web pages. The process eliminates the requirement for custom integrations, streamlining the inclusion of dynamic elements effortlessly. By utilizing iFrames, your static website gains the ability to showcase dynamic content without using custom code or a workaround.

How to use the iFrame Form feature:

  • Copy the URL of the WordPress page you would like to keep dynamic on your static site.
  • Navigate to Simply Static > Settings > Forms and scroll down to iFrame
  • Paste the page URL into the "URLs to embed as an iFrame" text box. If you are adding multiple URLs, place each on a separate line.
  • Click the "Save Settings" button at the bottom of the settings page
  • Run a new full export